Temporary Consultants

Temporary employees give you the flexibility to control your workforce needs. Whether you have an increase in business activity, need to fill a temporary vacancy, or require candidates with specialized knowledge to complete a special project, we offer recruitment, evaluation, screening, interviewing, and placement services to meet your unique needs.

Hiring our Consultants

This option allows you to review a candidate’s performance before making a hiring commitment at no risk to you. A proven method to evaluate whether an individual will fit into your working environment. History has proven that a high percentage of our temporary employees end up being hired full-time, due to our talent for providing clients with just the right people!

Direct Hire

Direct Hire allows our recruiters to work as an extension of your HR department, sourcing your full-time employees. We work closely with your company representative to ensure that candidates presented for direct hire meet or exceed your requirements. Every candidate is interviewed and their skills assessed before their resumes are submitted for your review and consideration.

Additional Services

Have you already identified a candidate you want to use? We will take care of hiring, payroll administration, tax reporting, workers’ compensation, unemployment, state and federal taxes, insurance deductions, and your W-2 issues so you can concentrate on your core business! Let us provide solutions and manage the administrative work.  It’s that simple!

Interested In Professional Management Services?

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